Mold is a huge problem many homes have to face, and our fire and water restoration Greenville, NC team at 24 Restore will want to help. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) agrees that mold is a huge health problem for many homeowners as well. With there being thousands of kinds of molds, the moment you see it is the best time to call 24 Restore for fire and water restoration Greenville, NC service. We will remove mold and mildew and have your space looking as if it never molded at all. Indeed, many of our clients have informed us that we leave their homes and businesses looking better than they did before damage was caused.

What is Mold?

What is Mold? Mold is a fungus that can be found inside and outside your residential or commercial property. In addition to its awful appearance on your walls, ceiling, or floor, it can cause your indoor air quality (IAQ) to drop tremendously.

Why is Mold a Problem?

Mold is not very fond of humans. In fact, continued exposure to mold can cause stuffy noses, eye issues, wheezing, skin irritation, allergies, and more severe reactions. Mold can easily affect lungs when it is not properly taken care of, especially in businesses where water is commonly used.

It’s Getting Warmer

With its getting warmer, you will want to make sure that you protect your home or office from mold by checking the walls in your kitchen and bathroom. Mold grows best in humid environments, so try to keep areas where there is more water cooler than other rooms. Where can it be found? Well, virtually anywhere inside or outside your home. If you spot it anywhere, contact 24 Restore for fire and water restoration Greenville, NC mold service today.

Need More Help?

24 Restore’s fire and water restoration team in Greenville, NC is a team of cleaning, restoration and remodeling specialists backed by an on-call support team of restoration experts. Our “teamwork” guarantees our customers with a quick emergency response, up-to-date technology, and a professional job is done right! Our management and field staff are trained professionals specializing in the handling of complex disaster situations. Thorough and efficient, our staff delivers satisfaction to both property owners and insurance companies. 24 Restore provides quality disaster cleaning and repair, including 24-hour emergency service. Contact us today!

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