24 Restore is a company of fire & water restoration specialists in Greenville, NC. We offer an exhaustive array of services for both residential and commercial customers. If you are in the middle of a chaotic disaster, one of your first thoughts is that you want to get your life back to normal – your furniture, your memories and more. We help by providing thorough repairs, remodeling, and renovations that can sometimes even leave your home or office in a better condition.

While the changing colors of the leaves in fall is beautiful, once those leaves have fallen, they can make a real mess. Before winter hits, it’s important to clean up leaves from around your house and your yard.

When it comes to your home, you’ll want to clean the leaves out of your gutters before winter hits. Gutters that are full of leaves can become clogged and in turn back up any melting ice and snow that comes from your roof. In addition, your gutters will already be weighed down by snow and ice this winter, so you don’t want to add the additional weight of leftover fall leaves; this can cause your gutters to sag and/or fall, causing further damage to your home.

It’s also important to remove leaves from your yard before winter hits. If leaves remain in your yard during the winter months, snow and ice can pack down the leaves, creating a barrier between your lawn and any of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Also, mold can accumulate and attract unwanted pests to your yard. Additionally, wet or icy leaves can be especially slippery and can pose a falling hazard for you and your loved ones.

For more information about cleaning up your leaves, visit thespruce.com.

For all of your fire & water restoration needs in Greenville, NC, give us a call at 24 Restore.

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