24 Restore is a team of cleaning, restoration and remodeling specialists backed by an on-call support team of restoration experts. Our thorough and efficient staff guarantees satisfaction for both property owners and insurance companies. 24 Restore provides quality disaster cleaning and repair, including 24-hour emergency service in Greenville, NC.

The spring and summer seasons in North Carolina see a lot of thunderstorms. And, then from the summer through the fall, it’s hurricane season here. That means that a lot of people will experience storm damage to their homes in the coming months, and we are here to help.

Home restoration is our specialty, and that means that we are prepared and qualified to repair any number of issues in your home. We offer a wide array of emergency, cleaning, and construction services. So, that means when a storm hits and causes damage to your home, we will be there with you from start to finish.

So, what should you do if your home is damaged by a storm? As soon as it happens, give us a call and we will get to you ASAP. In the meantime, be sure to keep yourself safe if the storm is still going on. Once we arrive at your home, we can help you assess the level of damage and then consult with you about the steps to take from there. We know that times like these can be stressful, and that’s why we are here to help.

For all of your fire & water restoration needs in the Greenville, NC area, give us a call at 24 Restore today.

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